CEN Standards Definition
A cooker canopy is currently defined by the CEN European Standards Committee as being a device intended to collect contaminants from above a cooking appliance and remove them from the room. In practice kitchen canopies have become much more than basic extract systems.

Extract Canopies
Canopies are designed generally in accordance with DW/171. Each canopy contains a full length stainless steel grease filter housing, which can contain either single or double sided filter banks. Canopies are constructed from 1.2mm (18G) thick, grade 304 satin finish stainless steel, and have an all welded construction with a 50mm x 25mm perimeter condense channel, complete with drain plug contained with the channel if required. The grease collection system channels grease to the grease collection drawers within the filter housing, which can be removed by the kitchen staff for cleaning. All joints and seams shall be fully welded and/or liquid tight.

500mm x 400mm x 50mm or 500mm x 250mm x 50mm heavy duty washable stainless steel baffle type grease filters are provided, with a 45mm rolled section channel frame with safety edge, and drain holes punched in the bottom leading edge. Removable stainless steel grease collecting draws shall be provided within the apron of the filter housing. Stainless steel vapour-proof twin fluorescent recessed light units are provided or bulkhead type lighting can be supplied within the canopy if required.

The four main emissions that require removal are:

  • Smoke
  • Expanded air from the heat load surrounding the cooking device
  • Precipitation of moistures existing in the food into a vapourous state, primarily consisting of steam, grease and cooking odours
  • Exhaust fumes from combustion appliances such as gas, charcoal or mesquite

When designing and manufacturing a kitchen extraction canopy there must always be three prime considerations - quality, aesthetics and functionality. It is essential that the construction is of the highest standards, with attention paid to details. The canopy should also look in keeping with its environment and still be pleasing to the eye. Above all, it must work efficiently within the constraints of its environment and the requirements of the operatives - without this it is no more than a useless lump of metal.

Canopies are available in either wall or island mounted versions to suit the kitchen design. Extraction can be via a single sided or double sided plenum, or in the case of a condenser type canopy via an egg-crate grille.

Extract only canopies are available in the following styles:

  • Overhead wall type canopy - wall or island mounted
  • Overhead island type canopy
  • Low level wall type canopy
  • Passover type canopy
  • Counter type canopy
  • Eyebrow canopy
  • Condensation type canopy

Baffle filters
Size : 500mm x 400mm x 50mm
Rated capacity (CFM) = 826
Rated capacity (m3/hr) = 1404
Final PD = 130 Pa

Size : 500mm x 250mm x 50mm
Rated capacity (CFM) = 505
Rated capacity (m3/hr) = 859
Final PD = 130 Pa

Light Units
Stainless steel vapour-proof twin fluorescent recessed light units are available in 600mm (2 ft) long, 1200mm (4 ft) long or 1800mm (6ft) long, which provide an average illumination = 500 lux at working surface.


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