"Nationwide Ventilation provide maintenance schedules tailor made for the client’s individual needs!"  
Robert Terry
Nationwide Ventilation

Having a planned maintenance schedule will help to decrease the chances of your ventilation system breaking down at times when the system is being used the most. If you should however experience a problem, one of our trained engineers will be available to come to site to look at the problem. All of our service vans are well stocked and are regularly refilled to try and ensure the problem is resolved with one visit to site.

Initially one of our engineers will attend site to carry out a survey of your system. This will be based on the age and current condition of the system and components within the system. We can then devise a planned maintenance schedule, which will be done in two stages. The first being essential repair work to be carried out and the second planned preventative maintenance of the system.


Over half of our emergency call outs for failed ventilation systems would have been totally unnecessary had the customer regularly had their equipment maintained, at what really is very little cost!! Our planned maintenance schedule will keep your ventilation system running in the best condition and will give a greater life expectancy to components within the system.


All repair will be scheduled and a programme given to the customer.

After the repair work and the basic maintenance issues have been addressed and rectification work carried out, the planned preventative can be put into place.

Nationwide Ventilation offer three levels of Maintenance Scheduling each specifically detailed around the customers and system requirements as follows:

Basic Maintenance Schedule
The Basic Maintenance Schedule allows for planned preventative maintenance, and includes labour charges for a number of planned visits a year. This package does not allow for any parts required or emergency break downs or parts for emergency break downs.

Standard Maintenance Schedule
The Standard Maintenance Schedule package allows for planned preventative maintenance, which includes labour charges and parts required for a planned number of visits to site in a year. This package does not allow for any emergency breakdowns or parts for emergency breakdowns.

Standard Plus Maintenance Schedule
The Standard Plus Maintenance Schedule allows for planned preventative maintenance, and all other service call outs including additional parts and labour. This is a fully comprehensive Maintenance Schedule.


All repair works will be structured and prioritised as follows:

  • Health and Safety issues
  • Cost
  • Long term effectiveness
  • Component life expectancy



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