"All canopies and ductwork are designed in-house and manufactured by our own team of skilled fabricators in our own workshop, using the latest machinery and techniques."  

John Cheeseman
Nationwide Ventilation


Our products fall into 3 general categories: extract canopies, Make Up Air Plenum (MUAP) canopies and our new Introcirc® canopies. Specific details of each can be found on their respective pages.

Nationwide Ventilation do not use modular units or preconceived designs, as we believe that each kitchen is unique and each ventilation solution should be tailor made to suit the customer's needs and site constraints.

Canopies can be manufactured to any size or shape, and custom built to accommodate columns, beams, angled walls or any of the many obstacles encountered on site; the only limitation is one which ourselves impose, namely that whatever we supply will be designed to work efficiently or at the very least we will advise you of any deficiencies resulting from a specific design required to meet site or client requirements.

Our ventilated ceiling offers an optional method of ventilation for the kitchen for clients who prefer the less obtrusive eyeline to that created by canopies.

    External to the canopy/ventilated ceiling we offer an equally extensive product range. Stainless steel wall cladding and Services Distribution Units housing the mechanical and electrical supplies to the cooking appliances are an integral part of our range. In compliance with BS6173 we offer a range of gas interlock control panels, which can incorporate the fan controls if required. Ansul fire suppression systems can be incorporated into any canopy or ceiling.  


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