"The Introcirc ™ range of canopies will be ideal for listed buildings, areas of conservation, or building with limited space where a normal ducted ventilation system is not desirable."  

Steve Black
Sales Executive
Nationwide Ventilation


Introcirc ™
Nationwide Ventilation is currently developing Introcirc ™, a range of all in one re-circulation canopies, for all electric commercial kitchens. The range of canopy options will be available to customers within the next six weeks, and will offer the following benefits:

  • Single or three phase options
  • Complete range of canopy sizes upto 4m long
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Capable of handling air volumes of up to 1.25m3/s
  • All in one services tower housing fan, control system and filtration
  • 5 separate stages of air filtration
  • Internal grease collection drawers
  • Recessed twin fluorescent lighting
    The air will be drawn from the cookline equipment through the baffle filters within the canopy, then into the services tower. Where it will be filtered through a further four stages of filtration. Then re-introduced into the kitchen as make up air via the facia perforated supply air grilles.  


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